I guess marathoning Downton and being inspired by Lackadaisy gave birth to this! Though I liked the color better than the sepia option. Maybe someday I’ll do all of the characters. So many though…! But it is fun thinking up what breeds they would be! Don’t ask me why these sisters are all different breeds. Maybe you should be asking Cora!
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There needs to be more CaptainPan



Title: Heart Bearer

Pairing: Hook/Pan (CaptainPan) OUAT

Rating: pg-13. Implied sexual situations and language

Summary: As a precaution, Pan only ever entrusted his heart to one person.

This ship is so small guys! We need more material!!! Please write and rec more fics!!

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A “hijack” WIP that I honestly don’t know if I’ll finish. I’m new to this ship…kinda like it :)


Okay, I guess the new casting is growing on me :) This started out as a study of Jace, and how he’s described as resembling a lion because of his wide set eyes. Aaand sort of grew from there! 


Anonymous: I have no money so this is a request but you should make some more brojen cause its flipping adorable and your fantastic!

Aw thank you! I would love to, however it might have to wait because I also have no money and therefore have to work..like all the time :(

tl;dr I will but I’m busy!